Monday, January 10, 2011

Food Truck Craze!

I know, I know, the food truck craze is getting out of control - they are everywhere!!  But I gotta say....I LOVE them - they are convenient and fast and if you can find a place where there is a congregation of them, you're in luck, because there is nothing like choices in life!  This is why Tuesday evenings, in my household, are so popular.  I load the kids in the car and off we go to Main Street to the Heritage Museum/Victorian where a mess of food trucks are hanging out waiting to take our dinner orders!  My daughter may go for a hot dog at Let's Be Frank, while my son finds his way to the Slammin' Sliders truck and I dig in to Dosa.  Mmmmmmm - everyone is happy and mom is not a short-order cook that night!  Seating is available and there is entertainment sometimes as well! Good times... good times.

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