Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bay Shore Lanes Bowling - NEVER AGAIN!

The kids had an early dismissal from school yesterday and we thought it would be a blast to take them bowling at AMF Bay Shore Lanes in Santa Monica- ugh - it was a disaster!!  The bowling part was fun, but all of a sudden we noticed the kids we're itching like crazy!!  No hives, no bumps... just itching.  We couldn't figure it out!!  By the time they started stripping off their shirts, and losing their minds, we realized it was the installation blowing fibers all over the place!!!  The fibers were coating our seats, the floor, the balls - and now our children!!  If you look closely at the photo the ceiling is torn up - what a hazard!!!  Well, to say the least, we explained what happened to the manager - no help, no nothing.  AMF is part of our past - never going there again!  As for the kids - scrubbed them down like they were Thelma in Silkwood and they were still itching!!!  Nightmare.

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