Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ahoy! The Story Pirates have landed in Los Angeles!!

We had THE MOST AMAZING day today with the kids at Story Pirates!!   Here's who they are:  a group of fantastic adult actors, that take stories written by elementary kids and turn them into delightful works of art to be performed on stage!!  Our son's friend wrote a story and it was accepted and we were invited by his lovely parents to see the play today - I think the adults had more fun than the kids - it was nothing short of fabulous!  Laughter all around!  They must of acted out 20 stories and there wasn't one moment of boredom.  Story Pirates was founded in 2003 to celebrate the words and ideas of young people while promoting literacy - I can't think of a better confidence builder than to be a child and see YOUR story acted out onstage and see and hear people enjoying it!  Brilliant!  The award winning show has been described as "Monty Python meets Schoolhouse Rock."  It's a must see!  You can get involved as well!  You can see a show, submit a story, donate items, adopt-a-school program, bring them to your school, volunteer..... the list goes on and on!  They are a NYC based company and their website reflects that - but keep checking it for more info about their events in Los Angeles!  For now, you can see them at the Geffen - show times are here.  Enjoy!

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