Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mummies Of The World

"Mommy, when I die, I want everyone to see me too."  These are the words coming from my daughter as she is staring at a deceased female's body, well preserved, encased in glass.  Every bit the attention seeker, even after death apparently, she wants to insure that she too will be on display for everyone to enjoy.  I'm sure you're wondering "Where in the world ARE they?"  We were at The California Science Center for the Mummies Of The World Exhibit!  Honestly, bringing my children here was a bit of a selfish act - I REALLY wanted to see the mummies.  They are extraordinary!  It's the largest exhibition of mummies ever assembled and contains both naturally and intentionally preserved mummies.  This exhibit is in it's final days - it closes on November 28th.  Be sure to make your reservations in advance to insure your spot - DON'T MISS IT - you won't be sorry.

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