Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dream Big!

Dream big and don't ever give up - now those are rules to live by!  Dallas Clayton, a California native and author of An Awesome Book does just that.  Originally a book written for his son, it immediately found a much larger audience.  You see, Dallas put the book online and it kept selling out!  It sold out ALL OVER THE WORLD - so, he took the book on tour, reading to children all over the United States.   Inspired by the kids he met, this LA author decided to go one step further and set up The Awesome World Foundation.  For every book he sells, he gives one away delivering them to schools, hospitals, libraries, camps and shelters, domestically and worldwide.  All this is done to promote children's literacy and encourage them to dream big and dream often.  What a grand idea!  Dallas Clayton is so thankful for the opportunity to do this with his life that he wrote a second book titled An Awesome Book Of Thanks - it's about being thankful for everything you have.  You can buy these awesome books here.  They make great gifts and you can feel good about giving back as well!


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