Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ariel Tramway Palm Springs

 Palm Springs DiningWell folks, winter is just about upon us.  It's time to shake things up a bit and get these kids to the snow!!  I'm a snow bunny at heart.  Living in California is very difficult for me this time of year because I LOVE the white stuff.  I grew up in Michigan where we I would drive up north with my girlfriends to hit the slopes (well, snow covered land fills - but it was a BLAST), and later I spent a few years in Park City, Utah (BEST snow on earth!) where I would either strap my board on to race down the mountain with my girls or slap on my snowshoes to hike with my furry companion (the most beautiful lab known to man).  Now, a decade later, I find myself longing for the powder like it's a long lost love.   This year I'll head to the snow in one of the most unlikely spots - Palm Springs.  Yes, you heard it right - Palm Springs.  Just hop aboard the Ariel Tramway and ascend 2 1/2 miles to pristine wilderness at above 8,000 feet.  There are plenty of Winter activities to keep you busy:  cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and even snow camping.  Equipment is available for rental at their Adventure Center.  Just be sure to call ahead as their hours are affected by the weather.  There is even a full cocktail bar and 2 restaurants (one fine dining and one cafeteria style) at the top!  If you're able to make it this weekend, on Saturday the 18th, Santa will be paying a visit from 1-3pm and the Jurupa High School students will be caroling.  Here are some pictures of our last trip up the Tram:

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