Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Night Of 100 PocketPeople!

I haven't wanted a doll for a long, long time .... but just look at that face!  How can you resist such a face!  I'm in Love with PocketPeople.  There is such a feeling of whimsy in these dolls and yet a deep feeling of meaning and purpose.  My daughter found mine in a bag I brought home from shopping and begged me for it, but this doll is Mommy's!  I think she is the most wonderful little thing and I'm not letting go. You see, I met an angel out shopping (you know who you are!) who gave me my own little pocket person as a gift, and since that day I have been obsessed!   I've been in touch with Rita Ross, the artist behind these adorable creatures and I think what she's doing is beautiful - she developed PocketPeople to remind us to embrace the joy we often lack in our lives.  Because of her own experience with Cancer, Rita decided to create and donate dozens of PocketPeople to Mattel Children's Hospital to bring comfort, humor and laughter to the Children.  What a wonderful feeling!  She hasn't stopped there either: this Saturday, December 11th, 6-9pm the Art District Gallery (located at 729 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica) has partnered with Rita to host the "Night of 100 Pocket People" to benefit Mattel Children's Hospital once again.  Rita will put 100 of her one-of-a-kind PocketPeople made from recycled socks, fabric scraps, lint, used buttons and other small, found objects up for adoption with 50% of the evening's proceeds being donated directly to the hospital.  How can you resist?   In addition, Blue Plate Restaurant is generously donating snacks and Dogwod Cellars is contributing a selection of their wines.  Sounds like a fabulous evening where you can pick up an enchanting gift for that special person while helping out the lovely children at Mattel Children's Hospital.  Can't make it to the opening on Saturday?  Head over to West Elm on 4th street in Santa Monica to see more of Rita's Pocketpeople on display through December 12th.  She's joined forces with West Elm in their wonderful charity event for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Feel free to make a donation and you'll be able to take home your own little bundle of joy!  Lucky you!!

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  1. Fantastic Blog! I surely love creating these PocketPeople and I know in my heart that their journey has just begun, I aim to spread their message of mindfulness,compassion, equality and LOVE as far as the eye can see. Thank you for supporting my dream and the PocketPeople thank you for thinking of them as more than a doll:)
    In gratitude,

    Rita Ross and The PP!