Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Voice

In what must seem like a lifetime ago, the Goodfellows donation truck would pull up to my husbands door (when he was a young boy) and him and his brother would know that that year, they were the lucky recipients of someones generosity.  They would be able to gather around the Christmas table and enjoy a wonderful meal, something that, for most of us is "a given" instead of given.  Without the kindness of others this would not have been possible.  Now, years later, it's time for us to teach our children to extend that kindness to someone else that needs it.  Each year, One Voice, puts together a Holiday Food Program to provide Christmas food baskets, toys and books to 2,500 families (that is over 12,500 people) living in poverty in the Los Angeles area.  Over 2,000 volunteers come together to make this happen.   The Holiday Food Program lasts for 4 days and nights, beginning this Thursday, December 16th.  The first night is a fun and festive evening at the Barker Hanger in Santa Monica to sort food from 7:30pm-11pm.  It's a great night  for families to celebrate coming together to help others in need.  The second night is filling food boxes and loading boxes and bags onto trucks, on Saturday volunteers unload everything at the distribution centers and Sunday is the actual giveaway day.  If you are unable to give the gift of your time this year, there are other ways you can help too.  One Voice has gift cards available which you can give as presents to your friends, family and business associates.  In their name, each card provides one low income family within our community with a basket of food for Christmas.  To learn more about this fabulous event, schedules and ways to give click here.  This Christmas, my husband won't be waiting by the window for the truck, instead he'll take great pride in knowing that he and his children packed it up and sent it on it's way to someone else who needs it this time around.  Happy Holidays!

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