Saturday, August 28, 2010

Cheese Please

After beach camp yesterday, the kids were begging for Menchies on Montana.  But wait... WHAT IS THAT SMELL???  After getting my husband and kids settled in their cups of yogurt, I went to investigate.  A door or two down from Menchies is Andrew's Cheese Shop!  My cleanse went out the window, as I walked in the door!  Cheese Heaven.  Period.  So, I left with some Beer for Big Daddy, Truffled almonds for me, and cheese for all!  Yummmmm!!
The beer was delicious and creamy (Andrew says it's the best beer he's ever tasted) and I couldn't get enough of the Camembert de Normandie and Grevenbroeker cheese.  Andrew gives you cards with your cheeses - I collect them so I can remember what I love.  He also has classes at the shop and a grilled cheese and beer night - his web site isn't updated but you can call to get on their email blast - I did!
More Cheese Please!!


  1. Sounds delicious... do they ship? Camembert is without a doubt one of my favorite cheeses....I am so glad you are doing this ... I am learning good things!

  2. They do!! They even have a cheese of the month club. His Web site isn't up to date but if you give them a call, Andrew will hook you up!