Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not Ordinary, Extraordinary!

Rawesome is Awesome!!  Rawesome is my newly discovered bohemian co-op in Venice Beach thats all raw, all organic, all the time.  Originally it was for raw foodists looking for raw dairy products but it's turned into so much more:  loads of flavored honey, fresh cold pressed oils, Peruvian olives, ceviche, fresh fruit and veggie juices, nuts, dried fruit, sushi grade cuts of fish, amish, free range, grass fed beef, creams, milks, yogurts,  cacao-infused coconut cream, desserts.... ALL RAW, ALL ORGANIC, ALL THE TIME!  The downside?.... and you knew there would be one... its insane expensive.  Crazy expensive.  But aren't you worth it?
Rawesome is a co-op, so you have to pay for membership.  It's only open on Wednesday 12-8 and Saturday 9-3:30 and located it 665 Rose Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

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