Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now this is a Paige Turner!

This woman is genius!!  Absolute GENIUS!  Is there anyone out there that doesn't LOVE the feel of a vintage, worn out T-shirt?  Well, Paige Mycoskie, creator of Aviator Nation has soared to new heights with her rendition of the Vintage Tee.  She went so far as to study how they were made in the past:  inks, sewing, screen printing, etc and reproduced it all in her LA manufacturing plant.  You can find her products all over the world in different department stores and boutiques but my favorite place to shop for them is in Venice, CA at the one and only Aviator Nation Boutique.  There's 70's music spinning, vintage video games, ping pong and an AMAZING staff to help you.  Check it out - I did and couldn't resist this super cool Hawaii T-shirt!  

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