Sunday, October 24, 2010

Artisanal LA: A MUST See!!

Well, we made it to the Cooper Building Downtown today and all I have to say is Artisanal LA is special and spectacular and an event that is not to be missed.  There is one day left to see over 75 vendors, each with their own highly designed pop-up store.  Incredible.  The space is lovely, clean, bright and roomy - simply put, perfect.  There was a DJ spinning tunes in one corner, a Wollypocket workshop happening in another, Backwards Beekeepers had a panel in a 3rd corner, and there were magnificent grilled cheese for sale from Market in a 4th.  While the kids kept themselves busy making crafts and hand sewn egg cozies I was able to stroll the grounds getting an eye full, belly full and ear full from some of the most interesting people I've met since moving to LA.  These people are truly passionate about what they do and love to educate you about their talent.  I had a wonderful time talking to Lindy & Grundy who are getting ready to open their butcher shop of locally produced, sustainable meat on Fairfax, Chef Zarate from Mo-chica talking about his wonderful Peruvian salsas, and Out of the Box Collective, who are delivering boxes straight to your doorstep overflowing with local produce and artisan-made products, just to name a few.  Sincerely, you must check this out.  If I can convince Big Daddy to watch the kids tomorrow I just may go again - meet you there?  Check out Sunday's Schedule:

 Sunday, October 24th ·


12p: Chef Joseph Gillard, Napa Valley Grille
Biodynamic Wine Pairings (Demo and Tasting)
1pGeri Miller, LA Master Gardener, mar’selTerranea Eco Resort
& Mixologist Blake Edwards, TheDrinkChefmar’selTerranea Eco Resort
Garden Cocktail Infusions (Demo and Tasting) 
2p: Melkon Khosrovian, Greenbar Collective
The Importance of Organic & Sustainable Spirits Practices (Speaker)
2p: Suzanne Griswold & Rachael Narins, Chicks with Knives‘ 
Perishable Pickle Shop: Pickling 101 (Demo and Tasting)
3p: Craft Beer Panel
Moderated by The Beer Chicks (Panel and Tasting)
4pLindy & Grundy, Heritage Meats and Home Butchering
(Demo, Tasting, Raffle)
5p: Josh Simon, Co-Founder & President, Function Drinks
Growing a Local Food Biz in LA (Speaker)
Hand Sewn Egg Cozies  (Workshop 12-2p & 2-5p)
All Day: Pumpkin Paper Crafts for Kids (Craft)

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