Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pure Bliss

Riiiiiip...... Riiiiiip...... OUCH!  Getting waxed in the past has been far from pleasant, however my girlfriend and I have found a way to turn all that around. The best way to attack this loathsome spa treatment is to succumb to it, make the best of and make a day of it.  So, after a morning of working out, we head to W Hotel in Westwood and make our way up the elevator to Bliss Spa.  First, let me say, I LOVE hotels.  They make me feel like I'm on vacation and I always feel pampered in them.  After check in, we get our robes and flip flops and make our way to the ladies locker room.  From there, it's Pure Bliss.  Rain/Steam shower, a counter over flowing with Bliss products and a lounge at our disposal.  The Lounge is stocked with goodies like blonde and chocolate brownies (great to layer!), cheese, crackers, fruit, cucumber/lemon water, tea etc.  We sit back, enjoy the refreshments, read a magazine, gossip and wait to be summoned for our treatments.
The treatment rooms are by far the cleanest I have ever seen!  Sanitation is key - there is no double dipping of sticks or re-using of wax (you would assume this is a given, however, you would be surprised how many high end spas don't adhere to these guidelines). Bliss uses their own product called Wax Poetic.  It's a blue hard wax (though not actually hard) that can be removed with or without linen strips. I'm not sure if it's the wax or the experienced technicians, but the pain level is kept at bay providing the least grueling wax experience I've ever had.  Once our treatment is complete, we dress and retreat to The Backyard:
The Backyard is a restaurant and poolside lounge at the Hotel where we complete our spa experience.  Sitting by the lush gardens, listening to the waterfalls, noshing on mediterranean fare, we let the rest of the day slip by..... ahhhhhhh.... Pure Bliss!

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