Saturday, October 23, 2010

Jewtopia: Not My Utopia

I was a theatre major in college until my father refused to pay another red cent toward my education if that persisted - to which I promptly switched to a Film Major (so much more stable, right?).  Any-whoo, I LOVE the theatre.  My husband, not so much.  I've been biding my time, waiting for my lovely children to get older so I would have someone to accompany me but once in awhile, something comes along that I must see and Big Daddy gets dragged along.  Last night was one of those nights.  With reviews like this:

"Outrageously Funny"   Los Angeles Times
"Unstoppable" The New York Times
"Fogel deserves to take center stage" - Variety

I figured, how could we go wrong?  The New York Times declared that Jewtopia was one of the 3 most successful off-Broadway productions of the decade!  It was the longest running original comedy in the history of Los Angeles theatre for god's sake!  Knowing the play was written by two good Bat Mitzvahed  boychicks, I figured it would all be in good fun.  Now, given, I am not Jewish, but most of my friends are and back in the day I was even considered somewhat of an honorary member of the tribe so I expected to find a lot to enjoy here.  Oy vey iz mir, wong.  Dead wrong.  If you need your jokes spelled out for you and shoved in your face, raunchy and offensive, then Jewtopia will be spot on. If you're looking for any kind of intelligence, wit, charm or depth, run, Jewtopia does not deliver.  Usually, I can endure a play that is less than desirable because I love the theatre so much, however, even with all those college theatre classes under my belt, I couldn't act like I enjoyed this one.  Jewtopia sent us walking at the intermission.  In my opinion, you'd have to be meshuge to love Jewtopia.

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