Sunday, October 10, 2010

In A Dark, Dark Pavillion.....

The children clung together, flashlights gripped in their chubby hands as they made their way into the dark the doors creaked and closed behind them, they found themselves enveloped in blackness.  Each child turned on their flashlight, only to discover that they were surrounded by hundreds (yes, hundreds!!) of SPIDERS.  With no barriers between them and the arachnids, their screams could be heard from hundreds of yards away!  But wait, these were screeches of joy!  Why?  Because spiders are actually harmless and gentle creatures!  With Halloween just around the corner, it's a perfect time to take your family and friends to this creepy, crawly exhibit.  The Natural History Museum is in it's 6th year presenting the Spider Pavilion to the public.  The exhibit is open through November 7th just outside the main Museum building on their south lawn.  Tickets are sold in half-hour intervals throughout the day but for a really special experience you should consider going on their flashlight tour!  There is only 1 night left:  Friday, October 29, 5-9pm.  The Pavilion Patio will be transformed into an outdoor theatre and they'll be showing a fun and spooky movie for the little ones.  Don't miss out - this is truly a fun, unique event to get into the Halloween spirit!

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