Friday, September 3, 2010

Be A Whistle Blower For Peace

A lot of you have asked about the whistle I'm wearing in the picture with the Hawaii Aviator Nation T-Shirt.... well - here is the info so you can get your own!  Falling Whistles is an amazing non-profit.  100% of the proceeds are used to rehabilitate war-affected children in the Congo and advocate for their freedom.  The story is very sad:  Boys that have been captured by the rebel army and are not big enough to hold a gun are given a whistle and put on the front lines of battle.  They are called the Whistle Blowers.  As the site tells you, "their sole duty is to make enough noise to scare the enemy and then to receive - with their bodies - the first round of bullets.  Lines of boys fall as nothing more than a temporary barricade".  Horrible.  I wear my whistle to be an advocate for these children.  People ask me about it every time I have it on.  Let's all be Whistle Blowers for peace!

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