Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hmmm..... Not sure what I think of Cafe M in Malibu.  Went on a date there with my man over the weekend and it was such a mishmash of things that it's hard to really put my finger on what exactly they are tyring to accomplish.  The setting is amazing - we took a long drive down PCH along the glittering ocean, then turned up a winding road heading into the Canyon.  Romantic.  Pulling up to Calamigos Ranch, we see millions of little dazzling lights hanging from the trees - this must be the place.  After we valet our car we walk down a path that looks like this:
Lovely - right?  The only problem is it's dotted with signs that let people know where to find their wedding venue (you see, there are 4 weddings on the ranch that night) and the signs are plastic and tacky. blech.  However we march along and come to this:
M Cafe!  It's charming, that's for sure.  When we reach the restaurant, we have a choice, outdoor seating on the lawn, or the deck.  The deck is cozy, fires blazing from metal sculptures that look like over sized flowers, crystal chandeliers hanging above the bar area - looks perfect to me.  The lawn has canopy seating.  It's quaint, however a touch Miami-ish for a Ranch.  Also, a bit amiss are the white lounge beds littering the lawn - again, more South Beach than homestead.  This place would be amazing if it embraced the intimate setting more deserving of such a rustic, rural lodge. We opted for the deck.
Had a nice dinner, food was decent to borderline good..... I'd go back.  Next time, I'll have them set up a fire on the lawn (they have firepits) and relax around it with a glass (or bottle) or wine.  Maybe I'll even challenge my man to a game of pool - did I mention there is one set up on the lawn with a chandelier hanging above it? Again, a touch cheese-mo but, hey, whatever.... something different - right? 

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