Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tortoise Has The Lead

This Venice gem is ahead of the game when it comes to supplying fabulous gifts and beautiful housewares.   I buy presents at Tortoise General Store (TGS) for EVERYONE: children, friends, parents etc.  TGS was started by Keiko and Taku Shinomoto, a husband and wife team from Tokyo, Japan.  Each hand picked item is either designed or manufactured in their native land, which gives every piece a special, unique quality.  The big bonus is that on occasion, if your lucky, you can participate in one of their extraordinary events.  In the past these have included a Soba Workshop, Floral Workshop, Handweaving Workshop and a Wood Carving Class.  This is absolutely one of my favorite stores in Venice - Be sure to race on over the next time you need that special something for someone (or yourself!!)

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