Friday, September 10, 2010

Raising Cane!

This just looks bad for you - doesn't it?  We all know Cane is sugar and sugar is BAD - but guess what -   Drinking Raw Cane Super Juice is nothing but GOOD for you!  That's right!  Diabetes is sweeping through our nation right now and many are turning toward artificial sweeteners in hopes that it's better for them, but it isn't - in fact refined sugars and processed sweeteners are pretty much single-handedly responsible for the wave of diabetes attacking us.  I'm LOVING this drink - I use it every morning in my smoothies instead of agave.  It's pressed from a raw grass, therefore it's rich in chlorophyll and minerals and has a super low glycemic index (lower than agave).  In addition, it's an anti-oxidant, internal cleanser and energizer; an unrefined, unprocessed, complete superfood!!  I buy mine at Whole Foods (in the freezer section) but you can also find it at some Farmers Markets such as Culver City, Silverlake and Studio City (among others).
If all this wasn't reason enough, listen to this:  Raw Cane Super Juice is grown locally by California family owned, non-corporate, chemical-free/organic farms!  It is a zero-waste, cyclic business. They use compostable and recyclable containers and all post-juice cane waste is donated to local growers for compost and fuel!!  So go ahead and Raise Cane!  It'll be a good thing for once!

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