Thursday, September 30, 2010

Half Pint No More

Half Pint is what my father called me most of my childhood.  I was a very tiny gymnast for 12 long years.  Once I stopped and put the 4 hour a day workouts behind me, I gained weight.  It's been a struggle ever since to keep things in check.  Lately, I'm feeling more like a gallon than a half pint.  So, I'm starting my next challenge and my unlucky hubby has found himself caught in the fray!  My challenge to him is this: he can't drink alcohol for 30 days!  Oh boy.  As for me, well, I have grueling workouts and a special diet.  Listen, if I have to suffer, then so does he!!  My new obsession is the petite pint sized powerhouse Tracy Anderson and I'm going to start her 30 Day Method today!!  Wish me luck because if I get back to half pint size status then my man can get back to full pint status in the pub.  Win win, baby, win win.

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