Sunday, September 12, 2010

Must Be Something In The Air

How rad are these hats??  We had my son's 7th Birthday party over the weekend and these hats were the parting gifts for his friends!!  After a lot of research online, I decided to go with an artist named Neneki "Nick" McGee, owner of Artistic Graphics.  Nick is a Los Angeles Artist that has won numerous awards and has had his art featured in several Hip Hop  music videos and photo shoots.  We were incredibly lucky to have him at the party.  He was the most wonderful, positive, patient man with all the kids - he even showed my daughter how to work the airbrush gun and let her make a hat herself!!  Everywhere Parish wore his hat today somebody told him how great it was and asked who did it!!  If you are searching for a unique idea for a parting gift or need a great artist for your school fundraisers or looking to commission a hot piece of art for yourself, you must check Nick out!

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